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Puj HugHands-Free Hooded Infant Towel

$34.99 USD

Puj Hug Hands-Free Hooded Infant Towel

  • Safely and comfortably dry baby with both hands free • Towel stays secure using interlocking silicone tabs around the neck
  • Made from thick, ultra-soft cotton
  • Hangs from puj nub (sold separately)
  • BPA-free, PVC-free silicone parts are 100% machine washable
  • Puj Hug Towel is one-size and available in plush white.

How it Works: The Puj Hug makes drying your baby a breeze! The Hug has two silicone tabs that interlock around the neck, allowing you to pick up your baby with two free hands. It’s made from thick, ultra-soft cotton and all the parts are completely machine washable.

Using the Hug is easy. First, connect the two tabs behind your neck. Then, pick up baby and give baby a hug with baby facing your chest. Pull the hooded side of the towel off your shoulder and gently wrap it around to baby’s head. The baby is now completely cozy and swaddled and is safely cradled in your arms to be carried to a changing table or bed.

The Story: Bath time with an infant is all about that special bonding time together. But afterwards, it can be a struggle to get baby out of the bath and dry. With the Puj Hug it's no longer a struggle but a very simple and natural embrace. This is where the product gets its name. Just give baby a hug and you are on your way. The Hug allows you to hold your baby and not the towel by using a unique, brilliantly simple method to gently join behind your neck. The Puj Hug keeps you dry and allows you to safely and comfortably pick up your baby.